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From "Sumit Gaikaiwari" <>
Subject Tomcat Server CPU utilization goes upto 400%
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 07:05:02 GMT



We are using tomcat 5.0.25 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. There two
applications in webapps. We are facing an issue from around 3-4 months
where the CPU utilization by java process (tomcat) goes quite high:
around 400% in every 4-5 days. The application gets very slow and tomcat
needs to be restarted for normal operation. The output of top command is
as below-


[root@v3portal2 jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25]# top

Tasks:  78 total,   1 running,  77 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie

Cpu(s): 25.1% us,  0.1% sy,  0.0% ni, 74.5% id,  0.2% wa,  0.0% hi,
0.0% si

Mem:   4086472k total,  2487676k used,  1598796k free,   217464k buffers

Swap:  6094824k total,        0k used,  6094824k free,  1811576k cached



 1038 root      16   0  545m 244m  61m S  101  6.1   1156:22 java

    1 root      16   0  2556  552  472 S    0  0.0   0:01.17 init

    2 root      RT   0     0    0    0 S    0  0.0   0:00.31 migration/0



Here is the status of active threads-

Thread Status-


[root@v3portal2 jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25]# ps -Le -o
pid,user,s,lwp,pcpu,args | awk '$3 != "S" { print }'

 1038 root     R  1093 19.8 /usr/local/j2sdk1.4.2_12/bin/java -Xmx256m
-Xms128m -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dsun.awt.font.advancecache=off
pi.jar -Dcatalina.base=/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

20544 root     R 20544  0.0 ps -Le -o pid,user,s,lwp,pcpu,args


This was status at certain instant of time. After 5 hours from this
instant, the utilization reached to 400% and also there were many
threads which were using almost 150% of CPU time.


The system configuration is -


[root@v3portal2 ~]# wget --quiet -O - --user admin --password nimda

OK - Server info

Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/5.0.25

OS Name: Linux

OS Version: 2.6.9-42.0.2.ELsmp

OS Architecture: i386

JVM Version: 1.4.2_12-b03

JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.


Please can any one tell me possible cause for this issue? This issue has
become very critical and needs to be fixed out soon.



Sumit Gaikaiwari


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