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From "Tomi N/A" <>
Subject Urgent: PermGen memory leak in a NetBeans developed tomcat application
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 12:59:51 GMT
I've read a number of reports about similar problems, but can't
distinguish which ones are relevant. My problem is that my available
PermGen memory is constantly decreasing as the application works. I
see this in the tomcat logs:
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor197 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor198 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor199 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor200 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor201 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor202 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor203 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor204 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor205 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor206 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor207 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor208 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor209 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor210 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor211 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor212 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor213 from __JVM_DefineClass__]
[Loaded sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor214 from __JVM_DefineClass__]

I have no idea what these accessors are or how to stop their constant
Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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