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From "Tomi N/A" <>
Subject Re: war package ignores context fragment?
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 00:27:24 GMT
2007/5/13, Hassan Schroeder <>:
> On 5/13/07, Tomi N/A <> wrote:
> > I want to set up an application called solr to run on tomcat. I have a
> > problem with a property I need to set so that the application will run
> > correctly: I don't understand the instructions for the tomcat setup.
> > $ cat /tomcat55/conf/Catalina/localhost/solr.xml
> >
> > <Context docBase="f:/solr.war" debug="0" crossContext="true" >
> >    <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String"
> > value="f:/my/solr/home" override="true" />
> > </Context>
> >
> > Note that, for Tomcat 5.5 and later, the war file must bt stored
> > outside of the webapps directory for this to work. Otherwise, this
> > Context element is ignored.
> > --------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > This last bit is the one I don't understand: I'm running 5.5.x and
> > don't know how to work with a war file outside the webapps directory.
> ? "work with"? Just put it wherever you want, and specify the location
> as shown in the example.

I'm assuming the only place I have write permissions is public_html,
where my applications will go.
I just unpacked the war file into webapps, removed the .war, added a
context fragment conf/Catalina/localhost/solr.xml and it works as
I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough the first time around: there's just so
many factors and variables involved and I'm hardly a tomcat expert.

> In that case, the question is *can* you create that solr.xml context
> file? If not, you'll have to open the WAR file and put an appropriate
> context.xml file there. Otherwise, the example seems pretty clear...

I tried unpacking the .war in /opt/tomcat/solr2 and placed a
context.xml fragment (called solr.xml) in webapps pointing to
/opt/tomcat/solr2, but tomcat didn't find the application.
I also tried (just to see) defining a global JNDI resource solr/home like so:

   <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String"
value="/opt/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9/solr" override="true" />

as one of the GlobalNamingResources subelements. No effect.
I tried editing the web.xml of the solr application, setting a system property:
  <system-property solr.home="/opt/jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9/solr"/>

No effect. I'll talk to the hosted server administrator tomorrow about
what can and can't be done on the server...thanks for the respones and
feel free to add anything else that might have crossed your mind.


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