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From "Mark Deneen" <>
Subject Re: BootStrap - Is in redundant?
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 12:12:31 GMT
It opens up a listening socket on the loopback address.  The second
process connects to this socket and sends a message telling tomcat to
shut down.


On 5/22/07, Johnny Kewl <> wrote:
> =Start Stop Mechanism=
> I see that START goes into a wait loop... and it will pop out of this when STOP is called.
 I understand how this works from a single program (process), but I cant understand how this
works from start and stop bat files... or in two calls from 2 separate processes. To me that
will launch an instance and start it... and launch a separate instance and stop it... never
shall the 2 meet??? How does that work?

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