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From mélanie langlois <>
Subject Loading external url as local
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 01:29:37 GMT

In one of my webpage, one frame is loading an external url, using iframe 
tag. The loading process works fine, but I need to access component in this 
frame, to launch some actions on them. When I tryed that I get a Permission 
denied error, because the iframe is loaded from an external domain tahn my 

I tried to used apache server configured as a reverse proxy, to load the 
iframe in a way that tomcat thinks it's loaded from local domain.

What i did is in my jsp page, i have iframe 

in my apache server conf:
ProxyPass           /externallink http://www.externaldomain/externalpage.asp
ProxyPassReverse   /externallin khttp://www.externaldomain/externalpage.asp

The page is loaded fine in the frame, but i still have the permission denied 
error. So it seems that tomcat still sees that it's coming from external 
Did i forgot some configuration? Does someone know how to solve this issue ?



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