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From "Milanez, Marcus" <>
Subject RES: JK connector issue - Can't get JKStatus working with IIS 6.0
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 20:01:26 GMT

Hi Jean,

I could succesfully integrate IIS 6 with Tomcat (also 6), and you really need an extra step
to het it done:

Note that in IIS 6, there is a new item named 'Web Service Extension'. Right click on it and
then 'Add new Web Service Extension' . Name it jakarta and point it to your isapi_redirect.dll

Doing that should solve your problem... Just let us know if it worked!



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De: Jean-Francois Beaulac [] 
Enviada em: sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2007 14:49
Assunto: JK connector issue - Can't get JKStatus working with IIS 6.0



I'm currently trying to get the JKStatus to work with the apache JK connector and IIS6.0.


Is there some special configuration I have to do in IIS to get it working? 


The ajp13 connector works fine but I can't get the JKStatus page. It returns me a Tomcat 404
Http error, which is weird since from my understanding Tomcat should not be involved at all
with the JKStatus.


Here are my files:




This is my file




# This file provides minimal jk configuration properties needed to

# connect to Tomcat.


# The workers that jk should create and work with





# Defining a worker named ajp13w and of type ajp13

# Note that the name and the type do not have to match.






# Defining a load balancer






# Define status worker






This is my


# - IIS


# This file provides sample mappings for example wlb

# worker defined in

# The general syntax for this file is:

# [URL]=[Worker name]





# Mount jkstatus to /jkmanager

# For production servers you will need to

# secure the access to the /jkmanager url





Thank you


Jean-Francois Beaulac





Jean-Francois Beaulac - VP Technologies 



+1 514.598 0406


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