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From Vacuum Joe <>
Subject Re: Java on Multi/Dual Core
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 09:25:45 GMT
A few points:

1. Java 1.4 is YEARS obsolete.  It should not be used in production anymore unless there is
some reason why upgrading is impossible.  And if there is such a reason, time to fix it and

2. All modern Java versions, including 1.4 I believe, use native system operating system threads,
so if your OS can support running threads on different cores, Java will do it too.  This is
a function of the OS, not of Java or any other specific application.  The OS must be able
to assign threads to different cores, do thread scheduling and switching, etc.  Java plays
right along with that.  There was an earlier time when Java used what is called "green threads",
which really are fake threads, designed for OSes like Windows 95 which didn't have threads.
 Those days are long long gone.

3. Java is not interpreted.  It is compiled machine language code, just like C or C++.  Yes,
that's right.  The JVM uses something called a JIT to compile much of the Java bytecode all
the way to fully native machine language, which is often better quality and faster than C++
or C derived machine language.  Saying "Java is slow" is like saying "C++ is slow".

4. If you really want to fully compile Java code, gcj will soon be able to compile most Java
as fully compiled native binaries (ELF binaries).

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