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From "Rémy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Comet: problem with request.getParameter() in Comet POST requests
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 14:34:43 GMT
On 5/2/07, Sebastiaan van Erk <> wrote:
> Sorry about that, did not mean to say it is not possible to do a
> request, wait, response with Comet. All I'm trying to say is that Comet
> was not designed (at least, Filip stated this) for the async servlet
> model, and I tried to point out some of the issues when using Comet in

It was not designed for that but it actually should work relatively easily.

> such a scenario, such as getParameter() not working, synchronization
> issues, etc.. There is a difference between "possible", and
> "easy/practical". What I meant was that the current API is not designed
> for both models, and it is not yet so practical for the async servlet model.

How about not arguing about everything ? It is your fault when
parameters are not processed. Tomcat will process parameters with

> You need the IO event to free up more than just the memory. The file
> descriptor also needs to be freed; this was causing problems for me earlier.

Then set a shorter timeout, allow an appropriate amount of file
descriptors, or produce an IO event. It is possible that a notify
method (or something like that) could be added on the event to make it
a bit more straightforward.

> With a combination of "Content-Length" or chunked encoding plus a
> "Connection: close" header this should be possible, I agree. I would
> still like to know the "official" way to synchronize this is, though.

The way to sync is according to what your application does. The chat
mini example has a very simple sync structure. The sync depends on
what the application is doing. The only official stance is that none
of the structures that the Servlet API provides are synced.


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