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From Mike Grandmaison <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Native Library Breaks SSL
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 16:38:32 GMT
You might try following the real documentation:

 - Chuck

Thank you, actually I found an old message from you when I searched the archive and that is
how I thought to remove the native library in order to get my install to work again.  

I did take a look at that documentation and that is what I based my conf/server.xml file on
but it comes up with the same problem where the browsers sits there until it gives up.   The
documentation that you point out, however, does not show how to generate all the self signed
certs using openssl so that documentation on its own isn't very useful and even the piece
that is supposed to work isn't working for me.

It is too bad that there isn't good debugging output for ssl or a warning on the APR documentation
that details this issue.  Seems I'll have to dig into the source to figure out what the problem
is.  I think now that I know that it is an issue I'll just not bother with the native library
and use tomcat without it, if my performance does become a problem then I guess I'll jump
into the source at that point.

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