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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Servlet and Random Access File
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 12:02:01 GMT
I see.... there's still a lot of options on the table and the only part 
that has anything to do with tomcat is the user interface.

A good starting point might be to look at database backed webapps with a 
similar UI.  All you'd have to do to them is change the persistence from 
a database to file io.  Personally I'd go for the database backend 
letting the database server handle file io, but .... well ... that's 
me.  Plus good database server software is available in open source with 
good cross-platform support.

To get some ideas started for you, I just completed a data browser 
(database server backed) webapp with the entire interface being 
expressed through one jsp file.  The top level jsp acted as the 
controller if you will in a MVC design pattern.  The jsp use the jstl 
standard taglibs to handle imports of jsp page segments which made up a 
very small model component and the rest acted as the view component.  I 
encoded various parameters in request parameters for a continuous look 
and feel without sessions.  It did not attempt to write database data 
though so that's where it fell short of what you're after.

Personally I'd recommend doing some reading on design patterns so you 
can really define what you're after and once you have a solid design, 
start looking at putting it into code.  Maybe you want to use 
commons-validator to validate form input, maybe you'd like to implement 
that in a filter so the data is verified good before you get to the 
servlet or jsp handling the actual update.  There are a lot of toolkit 
libraries designed to handle different parts of processing for you 
leaving you to just define the higher levels of logic and of course the 
look and feel of the UI.


Teh Noranis Mohd Aris wrote:

>I would like to refer to an example servlet where I can add fields (such as name, staff
number, etc...) to a random access file and view the file information by accessing the field
(eg. staff number). Please help. Thank you.
>  Yours Sincerely,
>  TEH  
>David Smith <> wrote:
>  The key phrase here is "...that really suits my needs." Could you 
>provide more information? Your question is a rather generic one not all 
>that specific to java servlets.
>Teh Noranis Mohd Aris wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>Does anyone have an example of a servlet program that uses random access file or any
useful links? I tried searching yahoo and google but could not find one that really suits
my needs. Thank you.
>>Yours Sincerely,
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