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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Netbeans Project... WildCat
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 05:31:28 GMT
Johnny Kewl wrote:
> + One can dump the src into a Netbeans project, click compile and you have a working
Great. But you have no guarantee it will behave the same way as Tomcat
built with the standard build script. It should be the same but be
prepared for some odd, unexpected errors - probably around classloader

> + That means one can run it in debug, and watch it working from the inside.
You can do this with the standard build. Both Eclispe and NetBeans
support this. see
Providing you configure the appropriate source files you can debug any
combination of Tomcat, you app or any library used by Tomcat or your app.

> I havent had a chance to test it yet, but where I'm trying to get to is the ability to
debug from servlet straight  into Tomcat source.
This should be standard out of the box functionality. You shouldn't
need any extras to get this working. You don't with Eclipse as your
dev environment and I see no reason for Netbeans to be any different.


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