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From Dejan Krsmanovic <>
Subject Re: Web application receives request parameters sent to another application on Tomcat 6
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 18:39:10 GMT
Rashmi Rubdi wrote:
> It is hard to tell what could be the problem without knowing full
> details of how the 2 projects Host, Context etc are configured.
> Are they at the ROOT context, or other Context?
No, they are on different contexts (not ROOT).

> Are they on a virtual host or all of them on localhost?

Both applications are on localhost. Virtual hosts are not used.
> Is crossContext set to true or false?
crossContext attribute is not set, thus I assume it should be false by

> relevant sections of server.xml , Context xml files will be useful.
Server.xml has default values (we didn't changed it). Both applications
have their own context.xml files specified. There is nothing special in
it; reloadable is set to false and both applications have data source
defined as resource.
Just to mention - one of these two applications is accessed by users
with browsers only while second application is accessed by both browsers
and hand held devices (Pocket PCs). The devices use .Net application
which sends POST request with data in one large String. When servlet on
the second application receives request from device, it sometimes
contains additional request parameters that are not sent by device. We
have discovered that these parameter names are used in the second
application, that is parameters from both applications are somehow
mixed-up. We suspect that problem arises when both applications are used
at the same time, but we could not verify it (we  have just analyzed log

As I said, we had this problem on Tomcat 6.10 only. Tomcat 5.5.x works
fine with the same context configuration.


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