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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Remote EJB calls from Tomcat 5 to Weblogic 8.1 appear to be slower than from Weblogic 8.1 as a web server
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 11:17:33 GMT
With weblogic  - EJB calls were done in the same JVM. With Tomcat  - all 
the EJB calls occur outsite Tomcat's JVM and in weblogic's JVM. This is 
a BIIIIG performance penalty. (But allows for scalability). You should 
notice the same performance suckage if you ran 2 copies of weblogic 
where one of the weblogics was acting only as a servlet container and 
the other as an EJB container.


Jonathan Kitchner wrote:
> I am migrating from WebLogic 8.1 as a web server to Tomcat 5.0.28. I
> continue to use WebLogic as my EJB container. My application functions
> fully in both environments. However I am seeing the following:
>             Under Tomcat the EJB calls are much slower ( I know that
> Tomcat does not perform the actual call - we are using the thin client
> from WebLogic).
>             As the size of the result set from the EJB call increases
> the degradation in performance increases.
>             The CPU usage and Load factor and user response time are all
> considerably larger under Tomcat.
> Does anyone know where this degradation in performance is coming from?
> Has anyone who has done this migration experienced the same behavior? If
> so how did you mitigate it?

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