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Subject Re: Newbie Question: How to Disable Caching?
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 18:05:16 GMT
Robinson, Eric wrote:
> The OS is RHEL4. Tomcat is 5.0.28.
> The 'particular function' is a little hard to explain. It's just an area
> of the program where you configure certain parameters that control
> workflow in your medical practice, such as how long a default patient
> visit lasts. This area has a different look and feel than the rest of
> the program, and has all the earmarks of having been written by a
> programmer that no longer works for the vendor. :-)
> The bottom line is that when I access this section, sometimes I get
> errors with scripts on the page. I had a theory that the problem was
> with cached data, so I changed the way the load balancer distributes
> requests. Now the LB always sends subsequent requests from a particular
> source IP to whichever tomcat server was selected for the first request,
> and the errors have gone away. I believe this indicates that my theory
> was correct, so now I'm looking for a way to disable caching of anything
> in the tomcat/work directory.
> Isn't there a simple, global way to tell tomcat not to cache?

Cache what? AFAIK, Tomcat doesn't cache anything, bar generated JSP 
servlet classes (and they're checked periodically unless you've modified 

You've not stated what's being cached, or why you think something is 
being cached, which is why I asked for more info about the function 
that's causing it.

If the function in question is deliberately writing to a temporary file 
in the work folder, then tweaking Tomcat won't make much differene, it's 
the application that will need altering if you want to resolve this.

You could post some error data from the logs, which would also help 
diagnose the problem, and help us to provide a more precise solution.


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> Eric Robinson
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> Subject: Re: Newbie Question: How to Disable Caching?
> Robinson, Eric wrote:
>> We have a medical program that runs on two tomcat servers behind an 
>> LVS load balancer. Everything works fine except for one particular 
>> function that apparently relies on data in the tomcat5/work directory.
>> If the load balancer directs a request to a tomcat server that has 
>> different cache data, the function fails.
>> Is there a way to disable caching in tomcat so nothing gets stored in 
>> the work directory? Or is that just a stupid question?
> (OS, tomcat version, etc, please)
> It depends on what the data is and how it got there; can you enlighten
> us as to what is the 'particular function'?
> If the application (rather than the server) is writing data to the work 
> dir, then that's the component that needs fixing (by storing the data in
> a database perhaps).
> p
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>> Eric Robinson
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