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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: NioEndpoint closes connection upon timeout
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 12:27:55 GMT
Reich, Matthias wrote:
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>> From: Filip Hanik - Dev Lists [] 
>> Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 11:00 AM
>>> However, the Javadoc of enum EventSubType says:     
>>> TIMEOUT - the connection timed out (sub type of ERROR); 
>> note that this
>>> ERROR type is not fatal, and the connection will not be 
>> closed unless
>>> the servlet uses the close method of the event.
>> hmm, not sure I agree with the docs. let me check on that.
>> in the meantime, why don't you set a much higher timeout value
>> for the NIO connector you can do this on a per-connection basis.
>> just do event.setTimeout during the BEGIN event.
>> Filip
>>> My servlet does not close the event in case of a TIMEOUT, 
>> you're servlet SHOULD ALWAYS call event.close upon any type of error.
> Well, there is still no common understanding about what a TIMEOUT really
> means
> within the code base and the documentation.
> E.g. the Javadoc for CometEvent says:
> ERROR - Error will be called by the container in the case where an IO
> exception
> or a similar unrecoverable error occurs on the connection. Fields that
> have
> been initialized in the begin method should be reset. After this event
> has
> been processed, the request and response objects, as well as all their
> dependent
> objects will be recycled and used to process other requests.
> However, the CoyoteAdapter does *not* treat a timeout as an error and
> does *not* recycle any objects,
> and this behavior works fine with Apr connector - i.e. the Servlet can
> decide if this is an error
> situation and close the event if appropriate.
> No matter what the final meaning of a timeout will be - the behavior
> should be the same for both connectors,
> i.e. either both connectors should close the connection upon a timeout,
> or both should keep it open.
yes, I agree, I made the modification to the NIO connector to handle it 
the same way as APR.
basically, the connection stays open, and if Keep Alive is turned on, 
you can reuse it for another HTTP request.
This means that it is now the developers responsibility to notify the 
client that the connection is no longer a "comet" connection.
My personal preference is that TIMEOUT is an error and should close the 
connection, but for the sake of consistency, both connectors should now 
behave in the same manner.

> Matthias
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