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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: NioEndpoint closes connection upon timeout
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 09:00:13 GMT
Reich, Matthias wrote:
> The NioEndpoint seems to close a connection during the timeout handling.
> My client reacts to a connection failure with a resubmit of the last
> request,
> and I see this in the log:
> 07.05.2007 22:08:14 comettest.CometServlet event
> WARNUNG: BEGIN(16) POST /comettest/comet/request?action=poll&count=1
> 07.05.2007 22:08:35 comettest.CometServlet event
> /comettest/comet/request?action=poll&count=1
> 07.05.2007 22:08:35 comettest.CometServlet event
> WARNUNG: BEGIN(17) POST /comettest/comet/request?action=poll&count=1
> I had a look into the code and found that NioEndpoint.timeout calls
> cancelledKey(key, SocketStatus.TIMEOUT,true);
> Method cancelledKey processes the timeout event and then closes the
> channel.
> However, the Javadoc of enum EventSubType says:     
> TIMEOUT - the connection timed out (sub type of ERROR); note that this
> ERROR type is not fatal, and the connection will not be closed unless
> the servlet uses the close method of the event.
hmm, not sure I agree with the docs. let me check on that.
in the meantime, why don't you set a much higher timeout value
for the NIO connector you can do this on a per-connection basis.
just do event.setTimeout during the BEGIN event.

> My servlet does not close the event in case of a TIMEOUT, and thus the
> CoyoteAdapter won't recycle the processor. The consequence is that
> Tomcat runs out of memory after a while if my asynchronous response
> provider thread often waits longer than the connection timeout before
> sending an answer. 
you're servlet SHOULD ALWAYS call event.close upon any type of error.
> According to a note which was still present in the Tomcat 5.5 server.xml
> file, I tried to set the connectionTimeout value to 0 to disable
> connection timeouts, but that does no longer seem to work with Tomcat 6,
> at least not with the Nio connector.
see the note about per-connection timeout, also, you can set 
see the documentation
> Thus, I think this behavior of the NioEndpoint must be considered a bug.
> (Also, the Apr connector does not close the connection upon a TIMEOUT
> event.)
> If it should not be possible to provide a short term solution which
> keeps the connection open, perhaps the behavior of NioEndpoint.timeout
> can be modified to signal a DISCONNECT instead of a TIMEOUT, even if it
> was the server and not the client that disconnected. This would allow
> the Servlet and the CoyoteAdapter to clean up more properly.
> Matthias
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