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From Sebastiaan van Erk <>
Subject Re: Comet: problem with request.getParameter() in Comet POST requests
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 09:17:58 GMT
> I am working on a scenario with browsers as clients.
> The client does requests with JavaScript code like this:
>   req = new XMLHttpRequest();
>   req.onreadystatechange = handler;
>"post", "/somecontext/somecometservlet/somerequest?param1=val1&param2=val2"
>   req.send(null);
> We intentionally use POST requests to avoid problems that occurred with some caches at
customer sites and with web crawlers that monitor the GET requests of a browser and send the
identical requests themselves to analyze the responses.
> Thus, only with POST we can achieve an "exactly once" submission of the request.
> However, by passing the request parameters in the URL (i.e. in the header and not in
the body) I don't have any problems with reading the request parameters.
> You can imagine, that I would not be happy if the API would only offer me a request facade
that throws an exception when the servlet tries to access the parameters of a POST request.
Yes, I can imagine. It amazes me just what kind of hacks are sometimes 
necessary. :-)

Anyway, after thinking on it some more, I think the best solution would 
be a fix so that getParameter() in a POST request does a blocking read, 
the same way the headers are read. If you do getParameter() in a POST 
that automatically interferes with getInputStream() anyway, and expect 
data to arrive pretty much immediately so there is not really a good 
reason for not blocking in this case.


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