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From Albert Shih <>
Subject Re: Admin config
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 13:00:21 GMT
 Le 28/05/2007 à 17:04:12+0200, Albert Shih a écrit
> Hi all
> I've a very very newbie on tomcat (first day I try to configure tomcat)...
> I've install from ports (FreeBSD) the tomcat 5.5 (need by my web-applications).
> The applications I need to run is configured by admin tomcat. Well for this
> I've install admin module and it seem everything working (I can acces the
> admin page etc.)
> My problem is I can go the context of my application through the admin
> module, but when I make any changes in the config of my webapps, this changes are loose
> after reboot of the tomcat server. 
> I've change the owner of
> to the uid run tomcat, but nothing work. 
> Any help ?
Well...I've just try to do not use the FreeBSD ports and make a manual
install of Tomcat 5.5. 

Nothing change. The're exact same problem

What's I don't understand is where Tomcat suppose to save the change I made
with de admin-web-apps for my webapps.


Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris Meudon
SIO batiment 15
Heure local/Local time:
Mar 29 mai 2007 14:58:11 CEST

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