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From Albert Shih <>
Subject Re: Admin config
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 09:57:00 GMT
 Le 28/05/2007 à 17:12:29+0200, Mikolaj Rydzewski a écrit
>  Albert Shih wrote:
> > I've install from ports (FreeBSD) the tomcat 5.5 (need by my 
> > web-applications).
> >   
Thanks for you answer.

>  Forget this one. The best and easiest way is:

Best maybe (if you say that I can trust you), but easiest I don't agree.
The ports system on FreeBSD is fantastic thing to install any soft.

But I can try the «standard» install.

>    1. install java ;-)


>    2. create account dedicated for tomcat


>    3. download tar.gz from tomcat website, unpack, configure according
>       to guide on web site

On the webpage the're other packages :

# apache-tomcat-[version] or .tar.gz: required in addition to
# the base distro for using tomcat with a Java 1.4 environment.

I think I don't need this because I run jdk 1.5 but what is : 

# apache-tomcat-[version] or .tar.gz: the standalone Tomcat
# Web Application Deployer.

and :

# apache-tomcat-[version] or .tar.gz: for using Tomcat only as an
# embedded servlet container.

(Remenber : I'm really newbie...sorry if that question is stupid, in fact
it's not the question but me...)

>    4. deploy webapps
>    5. either you're done or setup apache 2.2 server and setup mod_proxy_ajp

What's the advantage to install a apache ? 


Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris Meudon
SIO batiment 15
Heure local/Local time:
Mar 29 mai 2007 11:52:58 CEST

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