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From Stephen Caine <>
Subject Re: TomCat users' list, forum or documentation ?
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 15:33:37 GMT
Before your give up with Tomcat, you should try Qilan  
(  Qilan is a web development application which  
includes a fully configured version of Tomcat.  Qilan even includes  
simple apple scripts that start/stop Tomcat.  If you want to get into  
configuring Tomcat, that's fine, but you don't have to.  Tomcat is a  
great performer, fast, reliable and stable.  I agree that it's  
internals can be difficult for the user who just wants to create a  
web application, but that's were Qilan comes into play.  Qilan is a  
Mac OS X application.

Stephen Caine
CommonGround Softworks, Inc.
> You've hit the nail on the head.  For someone who comes in with a  
> Webstar,  Webstar/SSL,  WebCat,  4D,  Phantom,  ListStar,   
> PageSentry,  MacAuthorize, and CGI background the TomCat experience  
> is quite different and requires a lot of basic assumptions to be  
> scrapped.
> A lot of what I would have expected to be in end-user TomCat  
> documentation is now probably better suited for documentation in  
> the "using" application,  like JForum.  I think,  correct me if I'm  
> wrong,  that most of the TomCat documentation is out of necessity  
> aimed at developers rather than end users as the TomCat  
> functionality can not anticipate end-user issues for "using"  
> applications ?
> Back to trying to get JForum installed,  but not struggling with  
> TomCat.

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