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From Andras Laczi <>
Subject RE: Tomcat deployment question
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 11:19:02 GMT

If someone succeed to deploy an web application trough manager on 5.5.23
tomcat which path is "/" (root ) and the web application directory is not
ROOT please let me know.
It's making me crazy, i migrating from 5.0.16 with working configuration and
on 5.5.23 same conf works a completely different ways. 

Lakshmi Venkataraman wrote:
> Please refer to the directory structure in the original message or
> At the bottom of this email.
> Given that directory structure, I have working configuration with
> appBase="webapps" in
>  server.xml (seems like a dummy value since we don't have anything in
> that directory).
> In ${catalina.home}/conf/catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml I have defined the
> <Context> element with
> docBase="${catalina.home}/htdocs".
> Here are the questions:
> Previously,  I had appBase="htdocs" and ROOT.xml was called htdocs.xml.
> 1) When absolute path such as ${catalina.home}/htdocs is specified why
> does it look for
> ${catalina.home}/htdocs/htdocs/
> 2) Why does it expect a ROOT directory under htdocs?
> 3) What is special about ROOT? Should not the configuration be totally
> under application
> Developer's control?
> 4) What is path?
> It is not very clear from the documenatation. It took me a while to get
> to the current working
> Configuration.  
> I will appreciate it if one of you can clarify these concepts.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lakshmi

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