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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Netbeans Project... WildCat
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 20:48:54 GMT

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From: "Mark Thomas" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 7:31 AM
Subject: Re: Tomcat Netbeans Project... WildCat

> Johnny Kewl wrote:
>> + One can dump the src into a Netbeans project, click compile and you 
>> have a working Tomcat.
> Great. But you have no guarantee it will behave the same way as Tomcat
> built with the standard build script. It should be the same but be
> prepared for some odd, unexpected errors - probably around classloader
> issues.
This is true but it makes it so easy to watch Tomcat working and play with 
it... its worth the risk I think... after all its just for experimentation 
and who knows if the users find it easy, worthy contributions to tomcat must 
follow... like this for example, I think the way bootstrap classloads in 
6.0.X is overly complex and now redundant. See what happens when a user 
starts playing with the code, cool hey.

>> + That means one can run it in debug, and watch it working from the 
>> inside.
> You can do this with the standard build. Both Eclispe and NetBeans
> support this. see
> Providing you configure the appropriate source files you can debug any
> combination of Tomcat, you app or any library used by Tomcat or your app.

Yes I did see this... problem I had was trying to figure out how the code 
goes into packages. That ant script pulls stuff out of jars, compiles little 
bits all over the place, and assembles other jars. I'm sure all with good 
reason, but it makes it a mission to match code and jar. If left to their 
own devices a user will probably do what I did... jam all the code in and 
make their own packages. But its a good idea, be nice if you added an ant 
script that creates the source and libs needed for each netbeans project, so 
that it matches Tomcat exactly... call it Dev-Cat...

Clinicly... I agree with you... but I luv playing with WildCat....
Its up... can get it at

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