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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject BootStrap - Is in redundant?
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 11:09:55 GMT
Please bear with me while I study and learn Tomcats src code...

My environment is a little different to the ant build, in that I am running the source directly
from the netbeans IDE. It works by the way and once I've figured it all out, I'll post the
project to a site so others can do it too. The biggest difference is that tomcat becomes one
jar file... with just a few associated lib files like ant.jar

The other thing is that the mode of operation I'm working with, is not the typical embedded
environment... its still XML config environment, with conf and webapps in the same folder
as the jar file....  it seems to work perfectly.

OK... questions... lots of em... guessing is allowed ;)

Bootstrap seems to classload files in the SERVER folder (old tomcat 5.5 style) and then it
calls into "Catalina" which does the digest XML stuff and this in turn calls into Embedded.
 Other than for legacy support, does this mean Bootstrap is redundant?  If I bypass Bootstrap
and call (start) directly into Catalina... it seems to work perfectly... but I'm just wondering
if theres a surprize somewhere if one bypasses that server class loader.

=Start Stop Mechanism=
I see that START goes into a wait loop... and it will pop out of this when STOP is called.
 I understand how this works from a single program (process), but I cant understand how this
works from start and stop bat files... or in two calls from 2 separate processes. To me that
will launch an instance and start it... and launch a separate instance and stop it... never
shall the 2 meet??? How does that work?

=EJB and Annotations=
I see stuff like javax.ejb and javax.annotation in the source.... what is that stuff for? seems broken=
To make this thing work... one ends up with external libs... like cryptix, puretls... its
a mission!  Can I remove this... is it experimental??

Why?  Is this for compiling? What does Tomcat compile at runtime? Why is this lib needed?

Thanks in advance.... hopefully one day I'll be able to contribute.


Johnny Kewl 
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Java Developer (Tomcat Aficionado)
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