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From Venkat Venkataramanan <>
Subject RE: Tomcat admin,Manager app setup
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 10:17:38 GMT

I posted a similar message and I was told then that the Admin application
v5.5 is not compatible with Tomcat v6.0.x

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From: Rashmi Rubdi [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:58 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Tomcat admin,Manager app setup

On 5/22/07, Raja <> wrote:
>  Hi ,
> We are trying to setup multiple instanace of tomcat running on the same
> server. we can able to do it successfully.
> We need to  run the Manager,Admin applications also on  each instance.
> Version Details : Tomcat 6.0.10
> JDK Version :  1.5.09
> 1 .From the docs, i understand that, by default there is no ADMIN
> application enabled in the tomcat. So anyone in the group guide me setup
> this application and let me know where can i download the application as
> well.

There doesn't seem to be a download link for the Admin App for Tomcat
6.0.x at

However, there is one for Tomcat 5.5.x here:

I haven't tried the 5.5.x Admin app on Tomcat 6.0.x , but it probably
(just a guess) might be compatible.

> 2. I have copied Manager application to the individual instacne of the
> tomcat webapps folder. But i am getting 404 error while accessing that
> applcation.

What link did you use to access the Manager app?

With the default install and default config of Tomcat 6.0.x , I'm able
to access the manager app at: http://localhost:8080/manager/html  ,
after defining a user and a role for that user in tomcat-users.xml

Look for tomcat-users.xml under apache-tomcat-6.0.x\conf\ folder and
add something like:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
  <role rolename="manager"/>
  <role rolename="admin"/>
  <user username="somuser" password="secret" roles="admin,manager"/>

> Your help on this will be really helpful to us. Thanks in advance.
> With Regards,
> Alagar Raja R


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