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From "Adam Rabung" <>
Subject Re: Lots of JspRuntimeContext threads
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 19:06:28 GMT
>Adam Rabung wrote:
>> Any advice would be much appreciated.
> Had the contexts been reloaded at any point? If so, is there a rough
> correlation between the number of threads per context and the number
> of reloads?
> Mark

Thanks for the follow-up.  If we do a "fresh" start (ie service
restart rather than manager restart), this one particular app will
have 64 JspRuntimeContexts threads at startup, and fairly quickly ramp
up to 148 within 2 minutes, where it stabilizes.  Each context has a
different number of these JspRuntimeContexts  threads, for example
(manager is tomcat manager, and appMon is the simple jsp-less webapp I
use for monitoring this):
context1=22, context2=20, context3=19, context4=1, manager=1, appMon=1

I _know_ I'll eventually discover this is some configuration problem
on my end, I'm just trying to understand the life-cycle of the
JspRuntimeContext to help me track it down.  I'm still stumped.


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