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From "Gaƫl Lams" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat5 and Linux-HA
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 08:09:58 GMT

> Is it possible to configure Tomcat5 in a Linux cluster (Linux-HA (Heartbeat 2).  I want
to configure it on SLES10.  I have already checked the Tomcat FAQ at, the
How to at that location, Googling it returns nothing on the subject.  If a config/setup doc
exists I cannot find it.

I don't see why it would not be possible. I didn't yet had to
configure a cluster on SLES10 but in the past I configured a few
clusters on the (at that time called) SUSe professional:
- the services in cluster where apache, mysql, mailman, qmail, ....
and I really see no reason why tomcat would not work (it's "just" a
demon like the others)
- the cluster were "low costs", i.e implemented with Linux-HA and drdb
(to synchornise the partitions between the nodes)

I've to say that I never used Yast for this configuration (I've
nothing against Yast, I just don't "trust" it for that kind of
"complex" set-up): drdb and linux-ha were compiled from source

But the point is: did you try it? From what I remember, Linux-HA has a
good documentation and a good community behind it. Just start to
- implement Linux-HA, configuring for instance apache's httpd (you
will for sure find several how-to just by googling), just to
understand how it works
- then install tomcat and configure Linux-HA to manage this new resource

Try to implement it and if/when you have a problem, just ask.

Kind regards,


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