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From "Hassan Schroeder" <>
Subject Re: Ragarding the advantages of Apache tomcat server
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 20:10:05 GMT
On 4/24/07, Ajand Saadat <> wrote:

> some disadvantages os oracle AS
> 1) oracle implementation of JDK i think

No, you can run OC4J with a Sun JDK, but...

> 2) very heavy on your resource specially at startup

..that's for sure. I consulted a while last year at a company that was
using OC4J ( IIRC) and it took *forever* to start up; minutes
compared to Tomcat's seconds. And configuration was so clunky
and convoluted, at least compared to Tomcat. This organization had
tried to upgrade to 10.x before and had such problems with it they
just gave up, which left them stuck on the 2.3 servlet spec.

Before I left they totally changed their main portal application and no
longer needed (their single!) EJB, so accepted my recommendation
to move to a clustered Tomcat environment. As already pointed out,
there's a substantial saving when you need multiple licenses to cover
that kind of config.

Better performance for less -- sounds like a slogan :-)

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------

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