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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of apache tomcat versus other server formats
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 20:46:04 GMT
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saravanan ragothman wrote:
> [We] have plans to move to Oracle application server 10g
> in future. but I still insist on tomcat server. Can you tell me some
> advantages(and disadvantages, if any) of tomcat server over the
> oracle application server 10g, so that we can re-analyse the
> situation(if there are more advantages that can be considerable than
> we stay with Tomcat server).

Apache Tomcat is free (as in beer and as in speech) and open-source. You
can modify it yourself if necessary. You can get free support from
forums such as this one.

Tomcat does not package a lot of things that Oracle will give you
out-of-the box. I'm sure that a collection of free and open-source
products such as Tomcat+OpenJMS+JBoss(or similar)+other things will give
you a similar product offering. Oracle offers this all at once with a
nice bow around it (and price tag attached). Oracle support is probably
not free.

- -chris

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