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From David Kerber <>
Subject Re: Ragarding the advantages of Apache tomcat server
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:38:44 GMT wrote:

>>I know next to nothing about Oracle app server, but price would be a big
>>difference, since you don't have to pay for Tomcat.
>I really can't see any clear general advantage to Oracle's app server. The
>Only clear advantage I can see is the integration with Oracle if you are
>using Oracle.
Isn't the Oracle app server a full-blown J2EE server, like JBoss?  While 
tomcat has only a subset of that functionality as a servlet container.  
 From that point of view, there's probably a pretty good chance that 
tomcat will have better performance if you don't need all the extra 
functionality of the full J2EE spec.

>>saravanan ragothman wrote:
>>>  This is Saran doing good as an admin, and I have few questions about
>>>Apache Tomcat Server after reading the documentation. In my workplace
>>>we are
>>>using the Tomcat server version 5.0.28 for the web applications(for
>>>and scorecards especially) but have plans to move to Oracle application
>>>server 10g in future. but I still insist on tomcat server. Can you
>>>tell me
>>>some advantages(and disadvantages, if any) of tomcat server over the
>>>application server 10g, so that we can re-analyse the situation(if
>>>there are
>>>more advantages that can be considerable than we stay with Tomcat
>>>Since Oracle application server 10g is advertised and marketed better
>>>Apache Tomcat server, we cannot get into the other side,that is, not
>>>the exact detailed advantages of apache tomcat server.
>>>It will be great if you take concerns over the number of users using the
>>>appplication and security of the user and application.
>>>Thanks a lot!

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