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From Christian Schröder>
Subject Re: How can I control the path of my web app?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 22:02:00 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:

> If you want to use a multi-level URL path to access your webapp, you need to do two things:
> 1) Place your .war file outside of Tomcat's directory structure to avoid having it deployed
> 2) Create a file named foo#bar#MyWebApp.xml in conf/Catalina/[host] that contains a <Context>
element with a docBase attribute pointing to the absolute location of your .war file.  (The
value of [host] in the above is usually localhost, unless you've fiddled with the <Host>
element in the server.xml file.)  This will override the META-INF/context.xml file that you
may have in your webapp.

Do I have any chance if I don't have access to any directory outside of
the webapps directory?


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