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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject switching to 6.0 - considerable things?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 06:00:57 GMT
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as there is a stable 6.0 release right now, I consider making use of it
for at least part of our internal environment. Rationale for that:

- - Not having to install a JDK on the server machines seems a good point
to me.

- - I want to make use of the JEE 1.5 web tier as soon as possible without
being required to use glassfish everyhwere.

- - I want to have an eye on technology as it moves forth, and since most
of the relevant applications used internally are self-made, we're not
forced to stay with any "old" environment.

By now, I just dumped one of our WAR archives to tomcat 6.0 and found
it working out of the box, except for minor annoyances (most notably
my application's log file not being where it was in 5.5). So, short
question: What things should be taken into consideration while moving
from tomcat 5.5.20 to 6.0.x? Is there sort of a "migration HOWTO" for
this situation, or is it "just" rather straightforward, having
backward-compatibility and a set of new features around?

TIA and bye,

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