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From "dimitryous r." <>
Subject Re: Ajax xmlhttprequest
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 10:34:00 GMT

I can't give you a response.

But would like to know how you manage to be able to get a index.php  
(for example) page out of your Apache Tomcat server.

Sould I recompile the whole stuff? Should I add some file to  
my Apache config?


On 8 avr. 07, at 14:55, Richard Dunne wrote:

> I have a php webpage which is hosted on my laptop (XP and tomcat  
> localhost:8080). My webpage is executing a php script via an  
> xmlhttprequest which queries a database and sends back the info to  
> the webpage.   I have an a few alerts in my request to see the  
> http.readystate and the http.status as they change.  In windows  
> (IE7), when I execute the request I can see the readystate changing  
> 1,2,3,4 and the status 200.  In tomcat when I execute the request,  
> I am getting 1 alert, that is readystate 1, and thats as far as it  
> goes.  Can anyone suggest a possible solution, or have an idea as  
> to what the problem might be.
> Richard.
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