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From kz <>
Subject Re: Image problem
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 10:46:35 GMT
Actually, I have different iframes on my page and the images are used in
pages loaded in those iframes. The problem is that the images shown in the
first iframe are not shown properly (i have divs which are sized on the
basis of the width of image width, those are all wrong the first time
and the styles are wrong also ). Now when a different page or same page is
loaded (which uses the same iamges) in the same of any other iframe, the
images become right.
Im sorry I cannot check the behaviour on firefox or any browser other than
IE coz my pages use ActiveX controls etc
No Christopher, Im not using Tomcat behind Apache.
Johnny, Im sure the servlets are initialized coz they serve a lot of
requests before I load the page in the iframe.

Im using "apache-tomcat-5.5.23-embed"
Im using css for the images.. Heres a sample class.

.secactiveleft {
 background-image: url(images/TabControl/sec_active_tab_left.gif);
 height: 25px;
 width: 18px;

Thank you



On 4/23/07, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:
> Khurram,
> kz wrote:
> > I am having this problem that images are not shown in the page
> > properly when we load the page for the first time.
> Are you using Apache httpd in front of Tomcat? This often happens before
> Tomcat has decided that your browser can support cookies and so all your
> URLs have the session id encoded in them.
> Apache httpd is confused by these URLs when asked to handle them and
> ends up returning 404s for those requests. It happens with any encoded
> URL that you use from Tomcat (such as CSS files, etc.) and the main
> symptom is that images do not show up and the styles are missing.
> A simple RELOAD of the page in the browser often will redisplay the page
> properly.
> If this is the problem, then there are two obvious solutions:
> 1. Use mod_rewrite to trim-off ";jsessionid=[0-9A-Z]+" from your URLs.
>   This incantation worked for me:
>   RewriteRule /your-app/(.*);jsessionid=[0-9A-Z]*(.*)   \ (no newline)
>               /path/to/tomcat/webapps/your-app/$1$2 [L]
> 2. Use mod_jk's new JkStripSession attribute (1.2.21 or later, I think).
> > I even tried to pre-load images in my cache. But the problem isn't
> > solved. I am using IE. Is there any configuration of Tomcat which I
> > am not using properly? What else could be the problem?
> Does this only happen in MSIE?
> -chris
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