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From "Daniele Varacca" <>
Subject Session and URL encoding of tilde
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:54:13 GMT
Hi there,
      my problem is as follows: I am under LINUX. When I use
explicitly the symbol "~" in the URL, tomcat keeps track correctly of
the session. When the tilde is encoded as "%7e" tomcat forgets the
session. And I cannot avoid this, as the sendRedirect method encodes
the tilde by default. Any ideas?


Now for the gory details:

There are multiple users in the system.
For every user "login" there is a webapp
"/login/public_html/foobar", and I have set tomcat to
access it when requested at "http://localhost/~login/foobar"
It works fine as long as the sendRedirect method is not used.
But once sendRedirect is called, the URL becomes
"http://localhost/%7elogin/foobar" and session tracking no longer works.
I use firefox or iceweasel, with cookies enabled.

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