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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: how to setup multiple CATALINA_BASE
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 03:13:38 GMT
> From: Rao Manekar [] 
> Subject: Re: how to setup multiple CATALINA_BASE
> Ok now you are talking IP address.  Offcourse I am working 
> with a registered domain name mapped to a specifi IP address.
> So, how do I make tomcat recognize it?

Tomcat doesn't have to - only the DNS boxes have to worry about
translating names to IP octets.

> I want to specify two IP addresses.

Tomcat does not need to know the IP addresses; that's the job of the DNS
boxes and routers.

> do you have an installation with tomcat referring to two
> websites with two different IP addresses?

Yes, and it works fine, using one <Connector> and two <Host> elements.
The <Connector> need not specify an IP address - it just takes whatever
comes into the box and routes it to the appropriate <Host> based on the
URL in the HTTP header.  If you have many addresses routed to your box,
and you want Tomcat to listen to only a subset of them, you'll need to
put in a <Connector> for each; otherwise, the single <Connector> with no
address attribute will suffice.  Regardles, the <Connector> elements are
independent of the <Host> entries.

 - Chuck

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