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From "Sriram Narayanan" <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: Lucene and DB speeds
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 05:51:19 GMT
On 3/1/07, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:
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> Sriram,
> 400MB is not really that big of an index. A friend of mine runs a Lucene
> index at the US Library of Congress that is several GB and they search
> it /very/ quickly. Of course, they have some monstrous hardware, too.
Ack. We'll change the hardware, etc, but first ask on the lucene user list.

> >> Any tips on how I could test for where the search and retrieval is
> >> taking time ?
> Tim Funk wrote:
> > A common way is to add timers around the commands and then using a
> > logging library to output those times (under info, debug, or trace)
> Lucens is a pretty opaque API, unfortunately. I'm guessing that if it's
> taking up to 35 seconds to get a response from the index, there's not
> much more benchmarking that could be done.
> Then again, Sriram, you should check to make sure that the entire 35
> seconds is taken up by Lucene calls. IS it possible that your Lucene
> search is only part of the time? For instance, it is common practice to
> search a Lucene index and then use those results to query a database. Is
> it possible that other parts of your transaction are dominating the
> wall-clock time?

Ok. We've got a lot of insights into what we were doing wrong, and we
intend to post those results today to the correct mailing list.

> > You'll probably get more help from the Lucene user list.

Ack. I have some new figures on that front.

> Absolutely. You've hit the Apache Tomcat mailing list, which is a web
> application server. You didn't even mention that you were talking about
> a web application ;)

What a dumb mistake to make. I'm a member of jackrabbit-user, and I
mis posted my mail to tomcat-user instead !!!

> Good luck,
> - -chris
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