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From HernĂ¢ni Cerqueira <>
Subject Re: Startup errors
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 00:57:13 GMT
I first tried that solution, i tried to install tomcat6 but i keep 
getting "Could not reserve enough space for object heap" error. This is 
kind of strange because my server is a vps with 8GB of shared memory, 
with just 50mb free but more than 4GB are in cache so there should be no 

Then i found out that privvmpages was the problem, i get huge failcnt 
values. So, i don't know why, but seems that the vps has some weird 
limitations. But when i use the "bundled" tomcat (wich i use for almost 
a year), that problem don't seem to happen, just those library errors.

But this time i need to upgrade jdk, because i need to deploy a webapp 
that uses lots of annotations, wich is java 1.5+ feature, and i'm using 
1.4.2. I'm considering switching host and upgrade to a dedicated server, 
but rigth now my budget is kind of short, so i realy need to get on with 
this one... Any help???

Sorry for this super newbie questions, but my client is always asking 
"why isn't my site online yet?" and i'm freaking with this problem...

Caldarale, Charles R escreveu:
>> From: HernĂ¢ni Cerqueira [] 
>> Subject: Startup errors
>> Hello all, after upgrading my jdk to 1.6 on my gentoo server running 
>> tomcat 5.5 and started up i got this errors:
> These errors are from a 3rd-party script that apparently comes with gentoo's repackaging
of Tomcat, not an original Tomcat download.  You might try installing a real Tomcat (from and using the real startup and shutdown scripts included with that download.
>  - Chuck
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