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From HernĂ¢ni Cerqueira <>
Subject jdk upgrade
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 03:32:28 GMT
Hello all, sorry if this question seems trivial to you, but i'm just a 
web develloper that started working on hes own , and now i have to deal 
with some heavy server management, wath can be really tricky (for me at 

I already have some apps running on tomcat 5.5 running on java 1.4.2, 
but i just finished a tapestry application that heavily deppends on 
annotations so i really need to upgrade to at least java 1.5. I jumped 
directly to 1.6, went to sun's site, downloaded the distro and installed 
as the installaction instructions told me to. I've installed it at 
/usr/share/jdk1.6.0. After that i set up JAVA_HOME accordingly and 
restarted tomcat. No effect... The problem is that tomcat is installed 
on a vps and has no startup scripts under tomcat's bin directory, but i 
have a script under /etc/init.d that does the job, but apparently it 
don't rellys on JAVA_HOME to find the java distro. I atached the script 
hoping that someone can take a look and tell-me wath to change...

I already tried with the online support of my hosting company but 
apparently they are even worst than me, the guy that ansewred my ticket 
said that, and i quote, "you already have java (resin) installed on your 
system". The java(resin) part says it all i guess.

Any help would be great...


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