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From Andy Buckley <>
Subject Re: Informing Tomcat of proxy base URL?
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 14:49:46 GMT
Thought I'd send this again in case anyone knows an answer - I suspect 
that once a day's worth of posts have gone by, unanswered posts will 
probably never be answered :)

If there's no mechanism for solving this (i.e. passing the proxy base 
path to Tomcat), it'd be useful to know: I can always configure the 
proxy such that there is no base path, but if I don't have to, it'd be 
even better!


Andy Buckley wrote:
> I have a Tomcat server providing an application via an Apache proxy.
> User HTTP requests to on port 80 get
> mapped by the proxy to http://localhost:8082, which is set up as a valid
> Tomcat provider for Apache. So far so good.
> However, I've noticed problems using Tapestry and DWR (though I don't
> think they're responsible for the problem), where auto-generated paths
> from Tomcat apps will look like /foo/bar - this works fine if pointing a
> browser directly at Tomcat on port 8080, but since the proxy already has
> a URL path prefix of /server/, these links don't work through the proxy
> interface. Is there a standard way of informing Tomcat that when
> accessed on port 8082 it should consider itself either to have a base
> path starting with /server or to use a base URL of
> I've already seen references to mod_proxy_html as an Apache module which
> can do some HTML URL re-writing, but I'm not sure if this is sufficient,
> since JavaScript libraries like DWR seem to also get some base path
> information from Tomcat and this is unlikely to be properly handled by
> mod_proxy_html.
> Any help would be very welcome - I hope there's a standard solution that
> I've just been unable to find with Google!
> Cheers,
> Andy
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