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From Scott Danforth <>
Subject Re: IIS Experience Anyone?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:16:20 GMT
Hi! Yes, I have problems. The filter shows up correctly in IIS, and it 
executes fine up to the point where it needs to talk to Tomcat. Then 
nothing further on that page request appears in the log, and  "The 
specified module could not be found" is returned as the result of the 
page request.

My previous messages to the group were submitted wth the subject:  IIS 
Plugin can't find Module ??  It seems like this is just about the only 
symptom of failure that anyone reports.

Here's from my the last submission:

Because I'm getting Windows Active/X error messages in response to 
servlet requests, it appears that my problem has to do with 
environmental assumptions that are not satisfied by my version of IIS 
5.0 on Windows XP. I've read that the version of IIS included with XP is 
not the full version, so perhaps that's the problem. Who knows...

But, my reason for experimenting is that I need to use Tomcat servlets 
on Unix servers from IIS 6.0 on a Windows 2003 system to which I do not 
yet have access. And now, since I've struck out trying to experiment 
with my desktop system, I'm curious about other people's experiences.

If you've tried to use ISAPI_redirect.dll v 1.2.20 (successfully, or 
not), could you reply with a few words? For example, what Windows OS and 
IIS versions we're you using?

Jost Richstein wrote:

> I admit: we are using it for several customers. To make it
> short: there is no reason to be scared.
> Do you have any special problems?
> Scott Danforth schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I'm still looking for anyone who has experience with the IIS plugin 
>> (ISAPI_redirect.dll).
>> So far, nobody will admit to it. :-(
>> (I understand. I don't want to use IIS either, but a customer is 
>> requiring it)
>>    -- Scott.
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