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From "Jeff Sadowski" <>
Subject Re: apache-tomcat on an ia64 rhel4?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 19:16:39 GMT
I'm still really unclear about what tomcat is. I have never used it I
play mostly with php and html.
I have another engineer that would like to use it. Is there a fully
open source alternative?
I guess tomcat itself is open source but it depends on java
development kit? is that right?
I'm more interested in if it could use something from the gcj project?
I know I can run java applications on my Altix 330 it has the "java"
command. I know I can compile some java code as well with gcj but I
take it that there is more too it than that? right? I guess I could
also use gcj to compile the java code to binaries and run them as cgi?
I guess I really need to ask my other engineer but I was just trying
to get as much done as I could and try and install the application he
asked for (tomcat)


On 3/20/07, Jeff Sadowski <> wrote:
> I would like to run apache-tomcat on an dual Itanium server I have at work.
> I cannot find JDK for it nor can I find anything besides gcj
> Is it possable to build tomcat with gcj?
> has anyone gotten tomcat to run on a ia64 linux machine? or ia64
> windows even(I think MS stoped support for the ia64 even) for that
> matter?
> (the machine I'm looking at only supports linux and is headless) its
> an SGI Altix 330

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