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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: System property use in web.xml?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 04:33:56 GMT

<> wrote in message
> I've inherited a webapp which includes a system property reference (ie.,
> "region") in its web.xml (BTW, this context-param is used to lookup a
> Spring context file---e.g. /WEB-INF/jmsContext-eur.xml)
>    <context-param>
>        <param-name>contextConfigLocation</param-name>
>        <param-value>
>            /WEB-INF/jmsContext-${region}.xml,
>        </param-value>
>    </context-param>
> When I deploy this webapp to Tomcat 5.5.12, and define a command-line
> system property with '-Dregion=eur' in, it works fine: the
> jmsContext-eur.xml file is found.
> However, when I try to deploy this webapp to Websphere 6.0.x, even after
> defining a custom property for 'region' in the server profile, I get a:
> /WEB-INF/jmsContext-${region}.xml,
> when the server starts.
> While my immediate problem is how to deploy the webapp to Websphere, my
> question to this group is this: Which component is responsible for this
> behaviour (the parsing of the web deployment descriptor and the
> substitution of the system property)?  Is it expected J2EE 1.4
> behaviour---ie., something I can complain to IBM about?

I'm afraid that system property substitution is a Tomcat-specific feature. 
You can't rely on it working in any other Servlet Container.

> Thanks,
> Martin
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