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From Haroon Rafique <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: insight into
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 20:23:12 GMT
On Today at 2:02pm, SI=>Steve Ingraham <> wrote:

SI> [..snip..]

Glad you found the source. See my comments inline.

SI> /**
SI>  * An Action that provides the glue between Struts and Keel. 
SI>  *
SI>  * @author Michael Nash
SI>  * @author Shash Chatterjee
SI>  * @version $Revision: 1.24 $ $Date: 2005/05/26 10:16:39 $
SI>  */
SI> If anyone has some further input on what would be the best way to
SI> examine the script I would appreciate any additional direction.

Yes, it seems like your ex-developer used the keel framework.
Before today I had never heard of it. Seemingly it is a meta framework 
which sits on top of underlying frameworks.
Nash and Chatterjee are (probably) the authors of the keel framework.

SI> [..snip..]
SI> This is something I have tried to talk to my bosses about.  I would do 
SI> this in a heartbeat but I do not hold the purse strings.  My bosses 
SI> have the belief (not because of anything I have told them mind you) 
SI> that whoever manages their Network systems should be able to do 
SI> anything they need done in the computer world.  This includes fully 
SI> understanding how the previous programmer coded this 
SI> Java/ant/struts/Tomcat application front end to their database.

Sshhh.... Better not say anything to get yourself into trouble (being a 
public forum and all). The management's view seems highly naive and 
short-sighted though.

SI> I am hoping that if I ask enough questions on this and other mail 
SI> lists your expert advice can lead me to the information.  It is a very 
SI> frustrating way to get this done but it is all I have available for me 
SI> to do at this time.  Because of this I am eternally grateful for all 
SI> of you guys and your willingness to educate me.
SI> Thanks,
SI> Steve

Your first bet is to try and find out which version of keel you are 
running. After finding that, get the documentation for that version of 

Haroon Rafique

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