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From Haroon Rafique <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: insight into
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 15:53:56 GMT
On Today at 9:24am, SI=>Steve Ingraham <> wrote:

SI> Ok, I have been trying to locate the class file but am striking out. 
SI> Can someone tell me where this "my.package.action.ModelAction" class 
SI> would be located in a Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.9 build on a Redhat AS 3 
SI> machine?  I have run the command "locate *.ModelAction*" with no 
SI> return.

Hi Steve,

I thought you said you had access to the source. You won't find the 
sources inside the tomcat webapps directory. You are likely to only find 
the .war file and an expanded ware file directory (but no sources). Find 
out in which directory the real sources are and then look for a "src" 
folder (or a src/main/java folder in case maven is being used). Inside the 
"src" folder you should be able to find a directory structure which 
corresponds to the package you quoted eariler:


The above package would correspond to the following directory:


Inside that directory, you should look for a file Look 
either for an excute() method or in case of a DispatchAction flavor, you 
might have method names which correspond to verbs like edit(), save(), 

In any case, you have to find Try using:
That's assuming that your "locate" database is up-to-date (typically the 
command updatedb is used in a nightly cron job to update the "locate" 

Haroon Rafique

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