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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Rough hint about server sizing Apache/Tomcat
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:32:34 GMT
> From: Sascha Wehnert [] 
> I am in the situation to provide a proposal for a 
> Apache/Tomcat setup where Apache might have to serve 4000 clients.

4000 total or 4000 simulatneous?  What activity profiles - pages per
second and so on?  How heavyweight are the pages?  And so on.

> I am a bit unsure about the hardware I need for this. Is a 
> dual XEON 32bit system with about 2GB oversized or to 
> small? Is there any Documentation available that helps to 
> create a server sizing?

This keeps coming up on the list, and the answer keeps being "It depends
on your application.  Profile your application, then scale up the
profile appropriately."

Apache and Tomcat are quite small and neat.  90%+ of your sizing will be
based on your application.  Therefore, your application dictates the
size of the target system.  We don't know your application's
characteristics, so we can't help.

If your application isn't written yet, wait until it is - or at the very
least until you've coded and sized the critical parts.  Trying to size a
deployment before you know the characteristics of the application is
like gazing into a crystal ball.  You're guessing, and you could be
wrong by two orders of magnitude - either way.  Sizing should wait until
you know the application's characteristics.  If your client isn't
willing to hear that... well, I'd try to find another client to work
with.  That one will bring you nothing but pain.

		- Peter

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