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From "Hassan Schroeder" <>
Subject Re: AJP Connector - Problems Proxying HTTPS Connections
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 20:33:20 GMT
On 2/5/07, Bill Bailey <> wrote:

> So the context (which I don't want visible to the end users) has
> 'escaped' into the browser world. I found that this was not a problem if
> I made my application appear in the ROOT context for the server, but
> didn't want to remove the standard ROOT applications (manager, etc.) for
> the local host. Therefore, I decided to have a second virtual host on
> the Tomcat side.

whoa, you lost me here. The manager is a separate Context -- there's
no reason you can't have your app as the ROOT context on the default
host. Still,

> One of my next tests is going to be to replace this
> JSP with a vanilla HTML file to eliminate for certain the possibility
> that my application is doing this unwanted redirect, but I'm reasonably
> confident that it isn't.

Not a perfect test, since your app might have some Filter doing stuff
that's non-obvious :-)

Anyway, here's my suggestion: replace your current app with a very
skeletal web app, just an index.html, say, so you know there's nothing
wierd going on. Try that. If that still doesn't work, change your httpd
proxy to use mod_proxy_http and forward to your 8080 port.  At the
worst, you can sniff that traffic to see what's really happening :-)

This really shouldn't be this hard  -- I've set up a similar config (but
with multiple virtual hosts) pretty recently, and there was nothing to

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------

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