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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: socket is not connected any more (errno=11)
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 17:53:48 GMT
Fletcher Cocquyt schrieb:
> But say we have a survey webapp (users fill in a form) and the following
> scenario occurs:
> 1) user goes to /survey/favoritemusic/ that sets a cookie upon new user landing
> on the webpage 
> 2) the user starts filling out the form
> 3) tomcat connection expires/ends 
> 4) mod_jk connects to new loadbalanced worker on a different app server

Not clear, what you mean by that. As long as there is no request, mod_jk
will not open a new connection.

> 5) user finishes survey and clicks SUBMIT

mod_jk gets the request including the cookie, strips the jvmRoute from
the id and reconnects to the correct load balancer member (=tomcat
target). Important to know: a web server process can be connected to
multiple tomcat targets at the same time.

> 6) survey code checks the session cookie and finds it missing due to 3,4 above
> 7) survey code chucks the users responses as suspected spam (false positive)
> How do we prevent #7 ?
> Can we manage this with mod_jk settings?
> (mod_jk 1.2.19
> worker.tomcat-intranet-02.retries=2
> worker.tomcat-intranet-02.socket_timeout=2
> worker.tomcat-intranet-02.connect_timeout=2000
> worker.tomcat-intranet-02.prepost_timeout=5000
> worker.tomcat-intranet-02.reply_timeout=300000
> )

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