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From Jacob Rhoden <>
Subject Mysql timouts...
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 04:04:58 GMT
I am having the seemingly common "Broken pipe" to mysql problem with 

All i could find was some info about a "maxideltime" setting and 
"idleconnectiontestperiod" where can I find out info about tuning to 
make sure tomcat doesn't serve out stale database connections? The 
following settings don't seem to be doing the trick:

  <Resource auth="Container" name="jdbc/blah" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
      maxActive="5" removeAbandoned="true"
      maxIdle="2" maxIdleTime="300" idleConnectionTestPeriod="60"
      maxWait="10000" username="blah" password="blah"

Thanks guys.

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