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From Stefan <>
Subject Re: ampersand (&amp;) handling in jspx - any workaround?
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:53:00 GMT
Pid schrieb:
> Stefan wrote:
>> Christopher Schultz schrieb:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Stefan,
>>> Stefan wrote:
>>>> Christopher Schultz schrieb:
>>>>> Compare this to XSLT. If you want a stylesheet to emit an '&', 
>>>>> don't you
>>>>> use &amp;? And if you want to emit '&amp;' you have to double
it. I
>>>>> don't see the difference, and I think that the OP is being
>>>>> unreasonable ;)
>>>>   Not in my xslt ;-) It depends of the output method. If you output 
>>>> xml,
>>>> &amp; still gets &amp; It is meanless to create a not well formed

>>>> xml. I
>>>> don't remember what the output method text or html makes.
>>> Fair enough. When you put "&amp;" into your XSLT, the processor sees it
>>> as "entity:amp". When you write that out, the exact display depends on
>>> the output format. If it's emitting XML (or XHTML), you get "&amp;"
>>> right back out.
>>> But, if you're outputting HTML (?) or text (definitely), then you get
>>> '&'. If you want to emit "&amp;" in text mode, you'll definitely 
>>> have to
>>> double-up the amps.
>>> The problem is that JSPX is not XSLT. It's really JSP with some extra
>>> junk thrown in. Fortunately for me, I don't have to use it ;)
>> Yes, I start to understand the ins and outs. Perhaps the spec writers 
>> just could not imagine, that someone will use jspx to do what  it is 
>> great for, to produce xml ;-) So I'll go for my filter and wait for 
>> future jsp specs which will include something like
>> <jsp:output preserve-xml-entities="true" /> or 
>> <jsp:output-method="xml" /> Similar directives for omitting XML 
>> declarations etc. are already included.
> i'll weigh in late with this thread...
> how then do i differentiate an ampersand that i need to process in the 
> source document?
> in general there are 2 use cases for ampersands in xml generating xml 
> docs:
> 1. xml source doc needs to process/contain an ampersand
> 2. xml generated doc needs to process/contain an ampersand
> the solution that the spec implements is double encoding in the source 
> document - and it makes complete sense if you consider the two cases 
> above; even if it doesn't make immediate, intuitive sense to an end 
> user who is moving from the JSP to JSP Document format and who is only 
> considering the 2nd case.
> the JSP document format has some strengths but also some practical 
> weaknesses which is probably why it's adoption hasn't been as 
> widespread...
> p
Hi again, haven't been on my desk yesterday.

I don't get it. It doesn't seem that complicated. We have a similar 
situation with xslt. A xml source document (the jspx document), a
xslt processor (the jsp servlet) and a result (the response). The result 
can be xml, html or text (binary data). Depending of the output method, 
the xslt processor preserves the "&amp;"s (xml output) or not (text 
output). Why not just include a directive <jsp:output-method="xml" /> 
and handle the amps accordingly?

Perhaps I did not get the point, but for me, it's just missing this 



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