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From Zack Grafton <>
Subject Re: Performance problem with Tomcat?
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 16:43:39 GMT

Your JSP files will be compiled regardless the first time they are 
accessed.  If you try refreshing the page, or loading it in a different 
browser, you might notice a speed up.  You can also precompile your JSP 
files and that should also speed up the first access.  Please let us 
know if it is just the first visit or if the problem happens on every 


Michal Glowacki wrote:
> Thank you for your fast response!
>> Which version of EJB. Local EJB of remote EJB? With or without security?
>> EJBs have the bad reputation to be slow, and cubersome to develop
>> (probably improved in version 3, this was an aim at sun)
> It's EJB 2.1 (JBoss 4). I'm using remote interfaces everywhere, that's 
> what I read in the books - local interfaces are used very seldom. For 
> read-only data I'm creating DAOs, but it doesn't improves performance 
> significantly.
>> 1) JSF servlet startup, that may take a few seconds and occurs at first
>> jsf operation after webapp startup
> Ok, that means that I can experience latency during development as I 
> redeploy app very often, but when finished and deployed to target 
> server it should not happen?
>> 2) JSP compilation, which occurs if your jsp did change
> It's deployed as war file, probably extracted to 
> jboss/server/default/temp directory, and I do not change there 
> anything. I believe this is not the cause as I'm changing JSPs only in 
> IDE before deploy.
>> 3) JSP initialisation, which occur during first access of JSP, after
>> compilation, like any other servlet. Depending on how much taglibs are
>> referenced, and complexity of JSP, this can take a bit of time too.
> Like 1)
>> 4) The operations you do inside your JSF backing beans
> Yes, but this I can measure and reduce, this part is understable for me.
> Regards,
> Michal
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